About Us

FillMyBus is a new wedding transport, rideshare and coach hire service based in Scotland that allows you a more practical, eco-friendly form of transport. Perfect for events and weddings, we organise buses requested by you and then create a tailored coach service that didn’t exist before. We do this by finding others in your area going to the same event or location, and grouping you together so it’s more cost effective. So if you need to hire a bus in Scotland, England or Wales we can help. We simply put the details up on our website so people can book their seat. Oh and it’s also free to request a bus.

With the increase in Rideshare and Carshare services this is a similar option but on a grander scale. Bus hire can be expensive so why not try and split the cost between more people? This is more practical when it comes to events such as concerts or Weddings. For Wedding bus hire we can take the cost away from the bride and groom and divide it between the guests by providing you with your very own booking page. In many instances we can save your guests the cost of accommodation near the venue as we can create a service that runs at anytime of the day or night.

We have also serviced festivals, horse racing, sport events, hen parties, highland tours, skiing and airport transfers. By partnering with bus providers throughout the UK it allows us to service any area even though we are based in Edinburgh. Lastly, if you are organising an event we can work with you to provide buses too and from the event. We also aim to take cars off the road, making the event more eco-friendly and reducing traffic congestion

If you want to know more follow us on facebook or e-mail info@fillmybus.com



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