About Us

FillMyBus is a new service that allows you a more practical form of transport. We organise buses requested by you, for you so people can travel with you.

Company Director Ross Forsyth came up with the idea after he met some people from his local area at a music festival. He realised then if they had a way of being brought together before the festival, they could have shared transport directly to the venue from their home town. From there, he began to learn about the new craze of car sharing but thought you could take it one step further.

If you wanted to go somewhere that doesn’t have good transport links and you don’t have a car, then you are far less likely to go. So what if you found others going to the same place, or even advertised the journey to encourage people to come along and you had your very own tailored transport option. This would mean no designated drivers, less overnight stays, shorter journey times and no tedious public transport connections. You would no longer have to visit places with the best transport links, you now have a whole new world at your own request.

Not long after, fillmybus.com ltd was registered with companies house and the rest is history.



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