Routemaster bus hire in London

We have expanded our London bus hire optiona and teamed up with Red Routemaster to offer old school Routemaster transport for Weddings and Events in and around London.

Routemaster’s are the old, red double decker buses that are synonymous with London transport. Their popularity has returned...
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Ladies Day 2018

Summer 2018 has finally arrived which means it’s nearly time for Race Courses up and down the length of Great Britain to host their annual Ladies Day.

A day out at the races is becoming increasingly popular, with the average age of race goers dropping. Stag and Hen parties regularly provide...
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Winter 2017/18 at Glencoe Mountain Resort

Back in the summer we brought up the idea of starting Scotland’s first Bag a Munro Club. We wanted to be a direct transport link between Scotland’s most populated areas and it’s most beautiful mountains. Now with Winter firmly upon is, we want to continue this idea by transporting people...
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Wedding bus hire | Free Wedding Guest Booking Page

When the idea for FillMyBus came about, we knew it could apply to many different industries. However, little did we know that weddings would become one of our most prominent markets.

Wedding bus hire is by far the most regular request we get through our request a bus form and this has been a welcome...
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Real3Peaks Challenge- Cleaning up our Mountains

As we continue to plan and develop our Bag a Munro Club (email for more info) and push the eco friendly benefits of ditching the car and sharing a bus, we are lucky to have Rich Pyne from Rich Mountain Experiences guest blog for us. He is talking about the upcoming event of cleaning...
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Catching up

It’s been nearly a month since we made our first trip. Since then we have provided transport for a Little Mix concert as well as a couple of countryside weddings and a Tom Jones concert in Cumbria. It doesn’t get more diverse than that.

We did the Tom Jones concert at 3 days notice...
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Off and running

We have our first event transport buses officially under our belts!

Last week we had our first ever event as the official transport partner to the Border music festival Riverside Rock.  It involved 3 busses picking up in 8 different places arriving at the festival at midday then the return busses...
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Bag a Munro Club

The idea behind FillMyBus isn’t just limited to coach hire for events. Far from it.

One example of this is the increasingly popular trend of bagging Munros. A Munro is a Scottish Mountain over 3000ft high and it has become a passion for many locals and tourists alike to ‘bag’...
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Spreading the word

What’s the happy haps?

Our first trips are happening in less than two weeks. This means it’s currently all hands to the pump in getting our name out to the masses and people on our buses. We are an online business so trying our best to utilise social media but also exploring other avenues.

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The idea behind FillMyBus

Thanks for checking out our inaugural blog post. Hopefully this should help you truly understand our concept. Please give it a read if you want to learn about the UK’s first group rideshare service.

What is FillMyBus?

Based in Scotland but working UK wide, our aim is to create a bus service...
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