Coach Hire Guide: How to find the best bus hire company near me

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We’ve decided to help you with our quick and easy Coach Hire guide in the UK. Coach hire ,or bus hire , can be surprisingly expensive and a little frustrating to organise so please find our best hints and tips below;

  1.  Use FillMyBus. Okay  we’re sorry , but if you already use us then skip to number 2. Of course we recommend using us. We’re the only website in the UK that can make your group larger and your bus hire is cheaper. Even if there is just 4 of you, we can find others to create a group large enough for you to have a tailored coach service to any event (concerts, horse racing, festivals) from any town or village.  We hand pick local companies in Scotland, England and Wales that have the right mix of good pricing and top level customer service so you don’t have to spend hours emailing all the bus companies. Lastly, if you have a private group for a wedding or shopping trip etc, we still give you your own booking page so no-one has to collect the money and each person can pay for their seat individually.

  2. Be aware of distances. If you plan on hiring a bus be aware of how companies work out their prices. Most companies estimate their quotes by using the amount of miles travelled and total time of hire. So it’s important that you are specific with your pickup and drop off points from the start. Also, think about which companies are closest to these points. Companies will take the mileage from their depot, so even though some bus companies might operate locally, their garage might be further away than you think. So be careful when googling bus hire near me. Additionally, if you’re hiring a coach for something like a weekend stag/hen party or festival and your pickup is a couple of days after the drop off remember the empty journey. For example if you are going from Edinburgh to Cheshire for Creamfields and getting dropped off on Thursday, the bus isn’t going to stay and wait until Monday to take you home. Therefore it will have 2 empty journeys, back home and then back down that it will have to account for millage. In that case, check with coach companies at the other end as they might be cheaper and they are actually covering the same distance.

  3. Timing is everything. Obviously time is money and companies will charge you for their time. So make sure you have planned your pickup and drop off times before asking for quotes. Be aware though, even if you don’t require a bus for very long, that is still time the coach company can’t hire it out. So in the summer when buses are in high demand they would rather hire it out for a full day than for a sporadic hour or 2 in the afternoon. Therefore in many places, they will charge you a minimum of 4 hours worth of hire during peak weekends and holidays. Laws are also much stricter than they used to be, so if you need a hire after midnight some companies will charge you a premium as driver hours are calculated per calendar day.  So your 1 am pickup will contribute to at least a couple of hours of the drivers daily limit.

  4. Book well in advance. Bus hire is very seasonal, especially in popular tourist areas. So buses can be booked up to a year in advance. Try and get in early so you don’t get desperate and bus companies charge you extra because they know you’re struggling. Even in quieter months of the year, many companies run school services so don’t get too complacent.

  5. Read reviews and get email confirmation. Like everything these days, reviews can tell you a lot. So check Google or Facebook reviews when you can. It’s worth mentioning though, many bus companies in the UK are family run and have been around for along time. This means they aren’t as prominent or in keeping with the times online as many other companies and industries. So if in doubt give them a call. You can learn a lot about how they speak to you on the phone and can give you good peace of mind.  Make sure you get quotes and confirmations in email or in writing though and double check the week before your hire. Many smaller company owners and office staff also drive the buses so they can be known to innocently forget to write down booking details.

Hopefully our Coach Hire Guide has given you a couple of extra things to think about. If you want more info then please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at . Alternatively you can let us organise a bus for you by Requesting a bus today.

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