Catching up

It’s been nearly a month since we made our first trip. Since then we have provided transport for a Little Mix concert as well as a couple of countryside weddings and a Tom Jones concert in Cumbria. It doesn’t get more diverse than that.

We did the Tom Jones concert at 3 days notice and although that is far from ideal, there was a real need for transport from the location at Cartmel Racecourse and that is why we are here after all. It would have been a great event to target earlier but we are still growing and getting the word out to people takes time. It also takes time to build trust with the people who do know about us and that’s where word of mouth and things like Facebook and Google reviews come in. For a Countryside Wedding in particular, you need to trust a company who are bringing your guests on your special day.

*Shameless plug alert*

So if you have used our service and would use us again please feel free to review us on our Facebook page. After a few more outings we will also have a TripAdvisor page and you should be able to review us on Google as well.

Coming up

There are several things coming up in the next we weeks and months. We are trying to concentrate on big concerts and sporting events as that is the most obvious need that we meet. It will help us build a following as well, and from there we can make the public aware of all the different bus share opportunities there are.

One thing coming up that is different is our Bag a Munro Club. There has been great interest and lots of emails enquiring about this. It starts on the 6th of August leaving from Waterloo Place in Edinburgh at 8am and we head to Ben Lomond where we will be led by guides from Rich Mountain Experiences. Check out their reviews on  TripAdvisor if you haven’t already, it is about as high a rating as you can find for any company in any industry on any review site. We should be back for around 19-19:30 in the evening, hopefully with plenty of great photos and memories.

Another big event in August is obviously the Edinburgh Fringe. We are looking at different areas and times that we can put on busses and give easier access to the festival for people outside of Edinburgh, so if you can think of anything we can help you with in that regard please get in touch on .