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If I book early do I pay more than the people who book last?
No. You pay the “current price” but if the price drops you get refunded the difference back into your account. So you only pay the final price. Therefore, the more people on the bus the better even if you are the first to book. The child price stays consistent the whole time. If for any reason you have booked and the trip doesn’t go ahead, then the money will be refunded in full.

Do you have a minimum number and deadline for booking? 

All of our buses have a minimum number we have to meet which varies each time. Normally we set a deadline to meet the minimum of about 2 weeks prior to the journey date. This means the sooner you book the better it is.

I didn’t get a confirmation email, do I need one?
When you booked you get an automated confirmation email that says your booking is on hold. You get another when payment is confirmed, sometimes this takes a few days. If you cant find your confirmation email then check your spam, clutter or junk folder. We have a list of booked people anyway so you don’t technically need to bring your confirmation but it is always handy to have.

I just want the bus for one way, is that ok?
If you just want to be on the bus for the outbound or return journey that is ok but you still get charged the same. Please inform us if this is the case though, so that we do not wait for you when you will not be arriving.

I’m going to an event but you don’t have any buses going from my area. Can I request a bus?
Yes, anytime you cant find what you are looking for, click request a bus or email us on

Does it matter where I am for requesting a bus?
No we operate throughout the whole of the UK

What happens if there isn’t enough people?
We always look at the feasibility of trips before we post them so the vast majority will go ahead. You can also follow the numbers on the graph of the trip anytime you want and if it is getting close to the deadline and it doesn’t look likely then you can help get the word out. Otherwise, any deadline we impose on trips will always give you enough time to make alternative arrangements.

Do the coaches have toilets?
We try and organise the most comfortable coaches possible. For long journeys there will almost always be a toilet. For shorter journeys it is best to contact us and ask on a trip to trip basis.

Can I drink alcohol on the coach?
It is dependant on each individual trip. Most of the time it should be ok if done respectfully and you clean up after yourself. However, the driver and the bus company has the final say so please check when booking.

What happens if the bus breaks down on the way to an event?
If any problems occur with the coach we organise a replacement as soon as possible. Passenger safety and customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. If a passenger causes a coach to be stopped for any reason then we are not responsible for any delay in reaching the destination. Please see our terms and conditions for further information

if you have any other enquiries please e-mail

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