How do you transport wedding guests?

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A question that many people often ask or haven’t budgeted for, How do you transport wedding guests?

Below we have listed some information that can help those looking to organise transport for their wedding guests.


  1. Before we go into detail the answer to the above depends on many things.  Budget is a part of any wedding for hosts and guests. The size of the wedding will also vary. The wedding market in the UK is huge and so are the costs that come with it.
  2. It’s important to think about this far in advance. In the peak summer months, buses can be booked up by tour companies, transport providers and event providers more than 6 months in advance. So once you know how many people are attending your wedding get organised as quickly as possible.
  3. Countryside weddings are growing more and more popular. Look at the nearest populated area with accommodation options sometimes guests book accommodation that is scattered around the area. This means they pay individually for taxis instead of travelling as a collective
  4. However, don’t assume your guests need to stay close by. Buses will happily and easily transport people anywhere within an hour and a half of the venue. This can often save guests on paying for unnecessary accommodation.
  5.  From our experience, guests very rarely believe that bride and grooms have to provide transport. If you save £500 per bus you can re-invest it into the bar or food for the guests. Request a bus and we will give you a free booking page for your guests.
  6. Be careful about the access to your wedding venue. Speak to the venue itself about what size of bus can fit down the roads and turn at the location.
  7. Check your pickup and drop off times and locations. Be wary of events in the same area that might cause heavy traffic and prices rising for coaches that are hire past midnight.


These are just some of our hints and tips for  providing wedding transport for your guests. Remember, we are the only company in the UK that organises your wedding guest transport and gives you a free booking page so they pay and book for their own seat.