Our price drop method explained

In this blog we explain our unique payment system and how we refund your payments when the booking price goes down.

We often get asked how our payment system works. It is very unique and sounds more complicated than it actually is. Most of our public coaches have a graph where the price goes down as the price fills. For this to work we “hold” your payment for up to 7 days which means we can cancel part of your payment and only take the necessary amount. Beyond 7 days we have to take payment then manually refund you because sadly the technology and online banking safety doesn’t quite allow us to hold payments for longer than a week.

A payment on hold means we have reserved your payment but not taken it. Your seat is still fully booked though and you have nothing to worry about. It’s important to note that if we cancel your payment while on hold, it sometimes doesn’t show up on your bank statement. This is because we never actually completed the transaction and the funds stayed in your account.

If you receive an email saying we have completed the payment that means we have taken it from your account. That is usually because the bus is already at it’s lowest price or possibly because it is quite far in advance of the trip date.

All of this is designed to make your coach journey as cheap as possible and so you can follow along with the graph and see how full the bus is getting. We plan on updating our system to be more in line with kickstarter but at the moment we will continue with our holding system. We will also be as honest and transparent as possible so please email info@fillmybus.com if you have any questions.