Request a Bus


Request a bus and we will find others in your area going to the same place. We will then create a direct coach service that didn’t exist before, finding as many people as possible, to make it as cheap as possible.

Oh, and it’s free to try so you have nothing to lose.




We specialise in Weddings. You tell us the number of guests, locations, times and date then we can put it up on our site. We can save your guests money on accommodation if you are getting married in the countryside or simply save the bride and groom the effort and expense of organising a bus. Instead of paying £1000 for two buses, for 100 guests, we put it up on our site so they pay £10 each. You don’t have to chase the money from 100 people, you just send them the link.

You want to climb a Scottish Mountain for the day but don’t have a car and public transport doesn’t exist.  Request a bus with us and we will see if others want to join you for a great day out.

You might have a small group going to Newcastle for a stag or hen party. Request a bus and click ‘open to public’ and we will find others who need to go to Newcastle and you can now split the cost with more people.


There might be 7 of you getting an early morning flight. Request a bus and then find others who are getting flights at a similar time. This saves you the cost of airport parking, disrupting family and friends for help and trying to use limited public transport.

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