Request a Bus

If you want us to organise a bus for any event, activity or journey and haven’t already found what you are looking for then fill in our form. This allows us to fill your bus, ease the financial burden and make your journey more practical. Let’s not forget it’s also eco-friendly. Once you have filled in the form with the date, time and numbers we can review the details and then post it on our website for people to book.You can let us know if this is a private event like a wedding or a more public event like a day trip or activity. Whatever it is, we organise the trip to suit your needs and if you think that trip will meet the needs of others then we will find them and bring you together.

For example, you might be visiting somewhere where public transport is non-existent, arduous or costly. Then you can request a bus with us and we can put it on our website and see if others from the same area want to join you in taking a comfortable coach directly to your destination.


If you have the dream countryside wedding organised then we can help with your transport. From guests who don’t know each other, to photographers, caterers and the wedding band. Click request a bus and we will put it on the site for your guests to book.

You want to climb a Scottish Mountain for the day but don’t have a car and public transport doesn’t exist.  Request a bus with us and we will see if others want to join you for a great day out.

You might have a small group going to Newcastle for a stag or hen party. Request a bus and click ‘open to public’ and we will find others who need to go to Newcastle and you can now split the cost with more people.


There might be 7 of you getting an early morning flight. Request a bus and then find others who are getting flights at a similar time. This saves you the cost of airport parking, disrupting family and friends for help and trying to use limited public transport.

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