Routemaster bus hire in London

Routemaster bus hire

We have expanded our London bus hire optiona and teamed up with Red Routemaster to offer old school Routemaster transport for Weddings and Events in and around London.

Routemaster’s are the old, red double decker buses that are synonymous with London transport. Their popularity has returned with the restoration of Routemasters being in high demand. Their character mixed with nostalgia makes them a great choice for weddings and large celebrations.

Even if you have a small group you can now request a Routemaster bus and we can then find others to fill it. This makes it more cost effective to travel to Events and Weddings. We are already offering this elegant form of travel to both Epsom and Sandown Ladies Days this summer. Don’t suffer with standard public transport when you can travel in style.

We are also hoping to offer this service to Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood and Brighton Pride from Park Lane London. If you want transport to similer events or use of these popular buses for your wedding, then why not Request a bus .

We can create your own booking page for free, for events such as weddings or parties. Or we can make a page for larger events. We can find others to form a larger group and make bus hire cheaper for everyone.

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