Spreading the word

What’s the happy haps?

Our first trips are happening in less than two weeks. This means it’s currently all hands to the pump in getting our name out to the masses and people on our buses. We are an online business so trying our best to utilise social media but also exploring other avenues.

From there its about converting people visiting the website to actually using the website.

For example

I think it all comes down to peoples understanding of how they can utilise the website. Events such as concerts and horse racing are a clear example if how you can use a tailored bus. Someone asked me last week to give them an example:

“Imagine you and some friends were going to Perth Races and public transport didn’t run from your town. Then you would go on our website and request a bus.”

His response was something I’ve encountered a few times:

“Why don’t they just book their own bus?”

I answered:

“Most people don’t know enough people to fill a bus. Well, we bring you together with others from the same area so you form a larger group. So now instead of public transport, you can get a return coach that’s far more practical and comfortable.”

Shameless plug

That’s the interesting thing about getting the word out. The more people that know, the better the buses and the lower the price. So please share and like our social media and tell friends. We are trying to keep prices as low as possible and posting as many useful trips up on the website we can.

For those of you who have already liked, shared and commented on our social media posts, thank you. A special mention to the organisers at Riverside Rock who have done a tremendous job in organising their festival and helping us publicise our service.