The idea behind FillMyBus

Thanks for checking out our inaugural blog post. We are going to be uploading these blog posts regularly so you can follow our goings on and you can get a more personal feel of what we are trying to do. It should also help people truly understand our concept.

What is FillMyBus?

In general, “bus sharing” is a new concept but all buses are meant to be shared so are we really being that innovative? Well firstly by bus, most of the time we really mean coach. Sadly, FillMyCoach just doesn’t work. It is important to note however that we don’t own the coaches we just rent them. This means we can operate in a larger area and not restrict ourselves to the amount of coaches we have or what sizes of coach we have. This also doesn’t change the fact that comfort and customer experience is our number 1 priority.

Hopefully by providing a comfortable coach we can provide a practical form of transport you want to use. That’s all we are doing really, introducing the coach as a transport option when it wasn’t on the table beforehand. Although It can only be an option when there is enough people to fill a bus and that is what we do. Bring people together who don’t know each other so they can share a bus and split the cost between a larger number.

How is it different from public transport?

In a practical sense, it’s a more direct option. You don’t have to get two trains and a bus then a taxi to a gig, or have two designated drivers for a day at the races. We want you to log on to our website and see that you can get a bus from your hometown straight to your destination. If we are picking people up on the way we would never deviate from the route.

The best thing though is if we don’t have it on the website already then you can request one. You and a couple of friend might be planning on doing something and you never know, maybe others want to join in too. There is no harm in requesting a bus and seeing if we can get a group together to enhance the experience. That is where the term “bus sharing” is at its most pertinent. All told, there really isn’t many reasons to use a bus that we can’t help with. So always feel free to get in touch.