The Return of Christmas Shopping Trips

Hawick to Eldon Square bus for Christmas shopping
With big high street chain closures making news headlines in recent times, we though we would chip in with why it’s time to bring back the good old fashioned Christmas Shopping Trip.


  • There’s still demand for those living in rural areas to go shopping in the big cities. In the last few weeks we’ve had several Requests for shopping trips in Newcastle and Glasgow.  Going with a group of friends for a day of shopping (and maybe a drink or two) is enjoyable in itself, even if you come home with nothing. Being with friends is part of the Christmas spirit and much more of an event than staying at home browsing Amazon.

  • You can try before you buy. It goes without saying that the main benefit of being physically in a shop means you can try the item before purchasing it. That might not matter when shopping for someone else, but you can certainly get a better comparison that looking through a screen. Also, getting to try out a new computer or being shown how to use the latest kids toy can be the difference between a good present and the wrong one.

  • You can shop local and elsewhere. Shopping local is means you contribute to the local economy and can get more unique and often well crafted items in boutique shops. However there is still room for both. You don’t need to limit yourself as finding the right gift can be tough at the best of times. Pick a weekend for both, shopping doesn’t have to be done in one manic day.

  • Check the shop before buying online. Some people like go to the shop to find an idea or an item then go back an find it cheaper online. However, these days shops will often compete or better quotes you get elsewhere. You don’t know unless you ask. Also, hidden booking fees and “upsells” often add to the price without you realising or you’ve come so far you are happy to pay the extra.

  • Online deliveries can be unreliable.  Most online stores use independent delivery companies to deliver their goods. In this day and age these services are normally very reliable. However, as Christmas get’s nearer even the biggest companies can struggle to get you your order in time. Is the small difference in price worth the extra stress?

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Hawick to Eldon Square for Christmas Shopping
Christmas shopping bus