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Scotland and England wedding bus hire

When the idea for FillMyBus came about, we knew it could apply to many different industries. However, little did we know that weddings would become one of our most prominent markets.

Wedding bus hire is by far the most regular request we get through our request a bus form and this has been a welcome surprise. It’s hard to put it down to any specific reason. Obviously for countryside weddings in particular, transport for the guests is quite important but the main reason seems to be the price of said transport.

Countryside weddings in Scotland and England are becoming increasingly popular so coach hire can be a down side to that dream wedding location. The cost involved in putting buses on for their guests from the nearest town to the venue and even from the ceremony to the reception can escalate. Bride and grooms usually feel obliged to pay this which costs on average somewhere around £500 per bus. It’s hard to budget for 2 or 3 buses and time consuming to organise. Of course you could organise it all yourself and ask guests to contribute but chasing money from 100 people and keeping track of it all sounds more stressful than organising the actual wedding.

Another repeating theme from our feedback is from the guests themselves, and it involves their need for accommodation. If you have a wedding in the countryside many of your guests will book accommodation in the nearest town. This in itself has its pitfalls, as most weddings start around 12:30-13:00 which either requires the hotel/air bnb to allow a very early check in or you book for 2 nights. In some cases it’s the guests enquiring about wedding bus hire as the bride and groom simply don’t have the time or money.

An example from our own experience

We had a bride and groom could be from Edinburgh with a large wedding in the Borders countryside. Many guests were from Edinburgh and started running out of accommodation options near by. One of the guests enquired about our bus hire service so we worked out the cost, put it on our website and the bride and groom shared it with the rest of the guests. We then had a bus that left in late morning and returned just after midnight which meant no-one had to drive and they didn’t have to book accommodation.

For these reasons it seems that guests are happy to pay for their seat on the bus and save the Bride and Groom the cost of putting on buses. That seems to be the crux of the situation for us. Weddings cost enough for everyone involved, so any chance of saving money is not to be sniffed at.

Actually lets rephrase that, weddings are a celebration not an inconvenience.  We will try our best to help but if we can’t help we will tell you, that’s our rule. It’s free to post on our website so if you want to give it a whirl and hire a bus for your wedding, all enquiries can be made to Just let us know the date, locations, time and number of guests.