What we mean by Bus Share

The word rideshare is now firmly planted in today’s society but what about the term Bus Share or Coach Share? In reality all buses are designed to be shared anyway so what is the difference?

Bus Sharing is different to normal bus travel and coach hire in 2 ways:

  1.  The first key difference is, there is no timetable or set route. Bus sharing solely relies on demand which means it is normally very specific to events which do not conform to standard transport timetables. Why wait in line for trains or buses that run at specific times when you can get direct transport that suits your needs? For that to work we have to group people together and therefore “Bus Share”.
  2. The second is the grouping together of people who do not know each other but have the same requirements. Yes, all standard buses tend to group strangers together but that also means many stops and detours that are unnecessary for most people.  The key to bus sharing is grouping strangers together so they can all travel to the same location by the most convenient method.

Simply put, it’s the same as hiring a coach but it’s the best way to ensure it’s as filled and therefore as cheap as possible. It’s a subset of rideshare and perhaps not as well known, but with the increased need for environmental transport options and taking cars off the road, hopefully it can be a big part of the future.

What Is Fill My Bus?